Pictured: “Cup of Tea” textile art by Donna Melanson and ceramics by Mary Morazzi-Henderson
6 Bridges Gallery presents “Affinities,” an exhibit in which our artists work in pairs to explore similarities in their art. The commonalities explored range from subject matter to color, texture, inspiration, nature, form, design, the interplay of dark and light, and the beauty of everyday objects. Some of the artists have created new works for the exhibit; others have drawn on existing work or collaborated on a joint piece.

The exhibit is on view August 23 – October 5, 2019, with a reception on September 7 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. We invite you to visit the exhibit and see for yourself the connections among the works of these talented artists…

Julie L’Heureux, Photography & Ernie Stonebraker, Painting
Julie L’Heureux and Ernie Stonebraker find that objects barely noticed in our day-to-day existence can be beautiful or joyful or haunting when arranged and then rendered onto a flat surface with a camera or a brush.

Gail Erwin, Mixed Media Assemblage Donna Shapleigh, Jewelry and Sculpture
“Dark Beauty”:  Donna Shapleigh’s and Gail Erwin’s work invites the viewer to look beneath the obvious and to contemplate the dark side of the spectrum.  

Mary Morazzi-Henderson, Ceramics Donna Melanson, Fiber
“Cup of Tea”: There’s a noticeable likeness in Mary Morazzi-Henderson’s and Donna Melanson’s art as they both make similar color choices and often use simple repetitive designs. They regularly enjoy taking a break from their work, with a cup of tea, to chat and relax.

Peggy McClure, Photography Denise Shea, Millinery
Peggy McClure and Denise Shea are drawn to color, texture and the exuberance of line. They’re inspired by the abundance of nature.

Linda DeStefano Brown, Photography Joyce McJilton-Dwyer, Painting
“Beyond the visible”: Linda DeStefano Brown and Joyce McJilton-Dwyer view the natural world as a muse for art and design. Together they teach us to look beyond what is immediately apparent.

Veronique Latimer, Painting, Collage, Encaustic Roy DITosti, Photography
Objects from the natural world serve as inspiration in Veronique Latimer’s mixed media encaustic paintings and Roy DiTosti’s nature photographs.

Alison Lauriat, Ceramics Sue Kim Lucchini, Photography
Alison Lauriat and Sue Kim Lucchini share a mutual adoration of the extraordinary beauty of the ocean and the uniqueness of nature’s creatures under the sea.

Lily Chen, Jewelry Kara Patrowicz, Fiber
Lily Chen and Kara Patrowicz use the tactile properties of fiber and jewelry to create delicate work that invites viewers to slow down and cherish life’s little moments.

Jean D’Amico, Ceramics Judi Stein, Painting
Jean D’Amico and Judi Stein have found inspiration in each other’s work after discovering a mutual love of vibrant colors, nature-inspired textures, organic forms and art objects that embrace simplicity. 
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