Ceramic sculpture by Mary Morazzi Henderson

6 Bridges Gallery is pleased to present “re-collections” –  sculptures inspired by Mary Morazzi Henderson’s lifelong memories of family and friends. The exhibit will run Tuesday, October 8 through Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 6 Bridges Gallery, 77 Main Street, Maynard. A reception will be held on Saturday, October 19, 6:00-9:00 pm. 

This exhibit of ceramic sculptures was inspired by lifelong memories of family and friends. The artist records her memories in photographs and printer trays filled with special treasures. After her mother’s death, Morazzi Henderson started documenting her memories in her clay sculptures.

Morazzi Henderson enjoys collecting, organizing and arranging objects, oftentimes wondering about the history and the stories that they hold. The old boxes incorporated in some of her sculptures are given a new life while their antiquity remains.

Many of the sculptures are abstract forms that bear lifelike qualities, suggesting movement and energy just as the colors and textures relate to emotions and feelings.

All of the pieces are constructed by putting together a series of similar shapes that are wheel thrown or hand built. The calming meditation of making the same simple clay forms again and again frequently reminds Morazzi Henderson of her mom. Growing up, she watched and sometimes helped to roll, cut, pinch and join the dough to make handmade pasta, linguine, ravioli, gnocchi and more. Her mom loved working with her hands, a love she passed on to her daughter.

Pictured: “Remembering”  High fired stoneware, Underglaze

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