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Judi Stein

Oil Painting and Mixed Media

Oil painting is a wonderful way for me to express my appreciation of and connection with nature from a place deep inside myself.

Whether I am painting en plein air or in my studio, I am often striving to capture the beauty of the clouds, the ocean, or the earth. Even my purely abstract  compositions highlight the rhythms, textures, and vivid colors found in nature.

I especially enjoy adding cold wax and other materials to the oil paint which has allowed me to be more responsive in my approach by enhancing the textures, patterns and transparencies of my multi-layered compositions. Many of my paintings are inspired by memories I have of being at the beach or at a favorite pond. These are the places where I often seek refuge when I need to be in a quiet space. I hope that my paintings will evoke the same feelings of joy, awe, and tranquility in others that I have experienced when spending time in natural settings at the water’s edge.