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Linda DeStefano Brown


My photography affords me a peacefulness often lacking in our world of instance gratification.  The worlds of nature, cities, and rural countryside are all subjects in my images that are about something else. They go beyond the reality portrayed to present alternative ways of seeing the complex existence we share.  Images are meant to be a jumping off point into a world of fantasy, memories, and newly created states of being.  They become unique to the viewer through contemplation yet remain a shared moment with others.  

 I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from Eastern Michigan University where I began my journey with a camera and in a darkroom processing black and white film.  I now work in digital photography with a Nikon camera and lenses and process with Lightroom, Photoshop, and ON1.  Some images are very sharp and detailed while others are very much influenced by Impressionism. 

 I am an associate member of 6 Bridges in Maynard and Fountain Street Gallery in Boston.  I am also a member of the Assabet Valley Camera Club, Plymouth Center for the Arts, and the River’s Edge Arts Alliance.  You can view more of my work at