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Donna Shapleigh


The idea of taking a variety of separate items and creating something unique and different is very satisfying.  But I think the real answer to why I make jewelry is that jewelry connects me to beautiful things, such as pearls and beads. My enamel work connects me to color and the creative process.

 Making components out of organic things like sea glass or shells also connects me to nature. Various attachments like thread, earring wires, and chain connects everything together. And when someone admires my work enough to purchase it, I’m connected to like-minded souls. 

 I didn’t start out my artistic career as a jewelry maker. First, I tried oil painting at Worcester Art Museum School at Clark University. Part of the curriculum at  WAM was classes at the Worcester Center for Crafts. I took various classes including a professional level beadwork class. I moved on to metalsmithing in order to make silver centerpieces for the beadwork. This inspired me to add color to the mix by applying enamel to the metalwork. Now, I believe I have the best of both worlds by using enamel in the form of the colors of oil paints with metal. These days, I’m inspired by nature, especially the beach. I use enamel, sea glass, silver, pearls and beads in my jewelry.

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