//Rest & Reflect

Rest & Reflect

Photographs by Sue Kim Lucchini
6 Bridges Gallery is pleased to present “Rest & Reflect” – Photographs by Sue Kim Lucchini, on view April 8 – May 15, 2021. There will be an artist reception on May 1, 2021 (details TBD).
In “Rest & Reflect,” Sue Kim Lucchini presents photographs of sweeping landscapes which convey the vastness of our world, as well as smaller pieces detailing the beauty and patterns of natural objects. For this exhibit, the artist intersperses these images with personal mediations and original poetry inspired by meandering walks and sitting still, awash in nature. Designed as a soothing and philosophical response to the pandemic and the simultaneous barrage of traumatic national and global news and events, “Rest & Reflect” offers safe spaces and grounding focal points for reflection and introspection as we navigate this unsettling time. If the way to global peace is through personal peace, then “Rest & Reflect” hopes to encourage and facilitate healing via the various powers of both nature and art.


Sue Kim Lucchini is a multi-passionate artist who works variously as a photographer, mixed media artist, writer, stage director, producer, choreographer, dramaturg and teacher. Sue resides in Sudbury, works out of her studio at ArtSpace Maynard and is a member of 6 Bridges Gallery.
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