//Full Circle

Full Circle

Art Quilts by Donna Melanson

March 30 – May 7, 2022
Reception on Friday, April 8th, 4–6:00 pm

In ‘Full Circle’ Donna Melanson explores the repetitive cycles of life in her silk art quilts.

She loves the simplicity, symbolism and completeness of a circle. Picking up where she left off or finishing a project brings her such contentment.  Donna has shared her mom’s passion for ‘making’ since childhood, and learned to take it slow and enjoy the process. Those early lessons have circled back to become the comforting passions of her adulthood.

The process of creating a silk quilt begins with stretching and dyeing luxurious white crepe de chine. Her quilt designs evolve slowly as she cuts and sews the silk bits together. This series of circular shapes began as a challenge to herself after years of fairly straight seams. The embroidery stitching is a nod to her grandmother and the instruction book she gave her when she was nine.

Each framed quilt represents a period of time in Donna’s life. ‘Endless Conversation’ expresses her studio time with good friend Mary Morazzi Henderson; ‘Many Moons’, her marriage to her husband Ron.


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