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April 5 – May 13, 2023

Reception Saturday, April 15, 5:00 – 7:00 pm


6 Bridges Gallery presents “Viewpoint,” an exhibit of recent works by our associate member artists. The exhibit will be on view at 6 Bridges Gallery, 77 Main Street, Maynard, from April 5th through May13. A reception will be held on April 15th from 5:00–7:00 PM.

In this exhibit, Micah Bridges, Bryan Clocker, Jeanne D’Amico, Julie L’Heureux, Natalie MacKnight, and Melissa Vance Goodman showcase new bodies of work around the collective theme of “Viewpoint.” These works take on different perspectives of the environment and nature, look at the unconventional, and highlight different angles from up close to a far. Works in the exhibit include ceramics, photography, printmaking and paintings.


Click the Artist’s names below to view their full exhibit:


Micah Bridges
Photographer Micah Bridges writes, “I find the concept of “Viewpoint” fascinating as it is a way to describe how one views the world. Or even as the expression of seeing things in an unconventional manner. This is an inspiration to me as many times as humans we focus solely on a single viewpoint missing out on all that is around us.”


Bryan Clocker
Bryan Clocker is a printmaker focusing on block and mono prints. With the theme of “Viewpoint,” Bryan wanted to capture multiple viewpoints of scenes of nature. As humans we live our lives at eye level and rarely change our vantage point. These selected works are to encourage the viewer that life happens all around us. From the grasses and flowers down low, to the treetops up high, take the time to explore around you from all viewpoints.


Jeanne D’Amico
Jeanne D’Amico is a ceramicist who believes making clay vessels is a reflection on the work of potters from the historical past. Her handcrafted bowls, plates and cups are not only meant to be held, but also intended for daily use.


Julie L’Heureux
Having a theme of “Viewpoint “for this year’s associate show was an opportune choice as Julie likes to approach a subject from different viewpoints such as reflections, close-up or different angles.


Natalie MacKnight
The paintings Natalie MacKnight presents in Viewpoint fuse the energy and quiet contemplation she finds when walking among the boulders and old stone walls of the forest. To truly appreciate the impact these elements have on their surroundings, walk around and take a look back from all sides. A boulder may embody a completely different relationship to its environment when seen from another viewpoint.


Melissa Vance Goodman
Painter Melissa Vance Goodman writes, “Still Life is a highly symbolic form of artwork that uses objects to tell a story. I wanted to describe pure joy in a painting. Part of the way I conveyed that was with the light airy colours. I also used objects, that for me specifically, symbolize things I love. Things that bring me peace and comfort. The books together write out “love over fear” which I feel is the true path to joy. When we live our lives and relationships making choices based on love, the world becomes a better place.”


For more information about the exhibit, please visit 6 Bridges Gallery, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image Captions:
Flowers in the Badlands, Photograph, by Micah Bridges
The wise old owl, Mixed Media, by Bryan Clocker
Mirage, Ceramic, by Jeanne D’Amico
Boston Walkway, Photograph, by Julie L’Heureux
Hemlock Hollow, Gouache, by Natalie MacKnight
Joy, Oil on Wood, by Melissa Vance Goodman

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