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Micah Bridges


Travel is where I find the most inspiration for my photography and in life. I have traveled to six different continents, and I truly believe that the steps along the way are just as important if not more so than the destination. The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had, have been lifechanging. Photography is a way for me to capture my journey and share the feelings of exploration and adventure with others.

I have had a somewhat unconventional life, being homeschool and then dropping out of college at a young age only to wind up in film school later in life in Australia. I have worked on film sets in Hawaii, technical support in Colorado, and at a radio and TV station inside a children’s hospital. All these experiences have only reinforced my love of my personal journey and I hope to inspire others to follow their own path, even if it is the less traveled one.

You can see more of Micah’s work at his website: MicahBridges.com

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