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Judi Stein

Oil Painting and Mixed Media

Being with nature has always been a source of inspiration, spirituality, and creativity for me.   Whether I am painting en plein air or in my studio, I am often trying to capture the beauty of the clouds, the ocean, or the earth as well as the emotional responses they evoke in me. Many of my paintings are inspired by the many memories I have of being at the beach or at favorite ponds and rivers, where I have often sought refuge when I needed to be in a quiet space. Just being next to water, I experience feelings of peace, freedom, and joy.

I have especially enjoyed painting seascapes and the challenges of re-creating the rhythm and movement of the waves, the ever changing colors of the water, and its immense scope and size. More recently, I have delved into painting purely abstract compositions, highlighting the rhythms, textures, and vivid colors often found in nature.  Adding cold wax and oil pastels to my oil painting process has allowed me to be less constrained by forms and details and therefore, freer and more intuitive in my approach. I love the feel of the buttery consistency of the cold wax, the limitless variety of patterns, shapes and textures that can be embedded in my work, and the interesting effects of exposing the many underlying layers to varying degrees. In addition, the cold wax, as well as other materials incorporated in my work, enhances the transparency, consistency, and reflectivity of the paint.

I hope that my paintings will evoke the same feelings of joy, exhilaration, awe, and tranquility that I have experienced when spending time in natural settings at the water’s edge.

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