//Formations: Clay, Stone, Time

Formations: Clay, Stone, Time

May 22 – June 22, 2024
Reception Saturday, June 8, 5:00–7:00 pm
“Formations: Clay, Stone, Time,” an exhibit of ceramics by Jeanne D’Amico, photographs by Julie L’Heureux, and sketches by Natalie MacKnight.


Click the artist’s names below to view a selection of their works from the exhibit…


Ceramic artist, Jeanne D’Amico, makes functional pieces: tea bowls, mugs, bowls, vases and plates for everyday use. Working with clay on the wheel requires being present with continuous movements and decisions. Occasionally, while throwing one piece, suddenly the clay veers off in another direction. The change could be caused by an unintended hand movement or a change in the consistency of the clay. By choosing to continue in the new direction, a bowl might instead become a vase or a platter. Most times, Jeanne finds that the new piece is infinitely better than the one she had in mind. In addition, the piece often leads to ideas for new functional work.

Julie L’Heureux is a digital photographer who specializes in still life, landscapes, and portraits. She has a profound fascination for the enduring presence of rock formations and the enigmatic Petrified Forest. Her photography transcends mere representation, capturing fleeting moments set against the timeless backdrop of nature’s sculptures. Each image she creates is more than meets the eye; it is a canvas where light, shadows, color, and clarity are orchestrated to craft an illusion that stirs the realms of our imagination. Utilizing her camera, expert lighting, and the transformative powers of digital tools like Lightroom and Photoshop, L’Heureux invites viewers to explore the juxtaposition of the fleeting and the eternal which is central to her thematic focus on the Petrified Forest and the rock formations, while still capturing the artistic process and vision.

Natalie MacKnight is known for her energetic black and white gouache paintings of boulders and stone walls. In this exhibit, she presents a series of sketches in graphite, charcoal and pencil. MacKnight is one of the many artists displaced when her previous studio building shut down. Working in her home studio, she decided to set aside painting for a bit and focus on sketching. Sketching became an exploration of stone vs. the elusive nature of time:  Boulders and stone walls sit in the forest, patiently and determinedly waiting, while ever-shifting light and foliage flutter around them. MacKnight hopes these sketches will prompt the viewer to embrace the lightness in their own world.

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