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Emilie Astell


Communication has been my lifelong passion from my earlier career in journalism to fine arts and painting. My goal is to engage viewers in the journey of discovery as they relate to shape, color and light in landscape and still life paintings.

For me, painting is the way I express how I feel about the world around me.

On sunny days outdoors or in the studio, ever changing light and shadow patterns cause me to reflect on the transience of appearances. Even on cloudy, windy days outdoors, I find the challenge of capturing the turbulence exhilarating.

My artistic adventure began in childhood when my sister showed me how to apply oil paint to her previously painted, but rejected, landscapes. Using one of her slightly worn brushes, I often turned her work upside down in order to begin my own drawing and subsequent painting. While I did not abandon painting altogether as I grew up, the need for a college education and a career took center stage. Still, on occasion, I returned to my artistic bent using various mediums to convey my feelings about a given subject.

After more than three decades meeting deadlines and responding to breaking news, I decided to return to my artistic roots. First, I sought technical knowledge as a way to eventually place more emphasis on the emotional side of art. This decision serves me well in the second leg of my journey as I continue to find inspiration in observing everyday objects and translating them into paintings.

While painting is a great joy, I also experience an almost childlike delight in roaming New England while looking for places to set up my easel and record what I see as well as what I feel about the scene. From observing to sketching and finally to painting, I travel through many phases of emotional connectedness to my work, culminating in a feeling of accomplishment at the end of a day.