Photography by Julie Smith L’Heureux and Ceramic Sculpture by Patrick Brennan.

October 5 – November 12, 2022
Reception on Saturday, October 22, 5:00–7:00pm


6Bridges Gallery presents an exhibit of new works by photographer Julie L’Heureux and ceramic sculpture by Patrick Brennan titled, Autumnal. The exhibit will be on view at 6 Bridges Gallery, 77 Main Street, Maynard, MA, from October 5 through November 12, 2022. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10:00–5:00pm. A reception will be held October 22, 2022, from 5:00–7:00 pm.

In this exhibit, the essence of autumn is expressed literally and abstractly through Julie L’Heureux’s photography and Patrick Brennan’s ceramic sculptures. L’Heureux’s photography captures the autumnal theme through the New England landscape and seasonal food, as well as via abstract images. Brennan’s ceramics embody the energy and color of autumn.

For press inquiries, contact:
Julie L’Heureux


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Autumnal Gallery – Julie L’Heureux

L’Heureux subject matter is still life, landscapes and portraits. The images she creates go beyond what the viewer sees. She interjects her ideas of what is important through the use of light, shadows, color and clarity. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is fabricated to conjure the realms of our imagination. She creates an image that may be different than what the viewer might have observed when looking at the same subject matter. L’Heureux creates this new reality with her camera, through the use of light, and with digital creativity using Lightroom and Photoshop. Her images have been accepted to numerous art exhibits in the Boston area and have been added to personal collections including the Federal Reserve Bank. She has also published photographs on-line and in numerous magazines and newspapers.


More of L’Heureux’s work can be seen at www.jlheureuxphotography.com


Autumnal Gallery – Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan is a Boston-based LGBTQ artist and MFA student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He often imagines what it would look like if a hypothetical God or a being as intelligent in relation to us as we are to an insect would see if it looked down on our plane of existence. In essence that is what his art is meant to portray, how we would be seen by something so far beyond us that we are nothing more than a beautiful but stupid little microbe spinning around chasing our own flagella in a sea of endless memetic iterations of ourselves. In addition to his art practice, Patrick is also an art educator, previously employed by the education department at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and Museum of Fine Arts, and currently employed by Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


More of Brennan’s work can be seen at  https://www.fineartsculptor.com

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